Ledger Nano S Wallet - Screen shifted

  • Ledger Nano S Plus shifted screen!

    I got my Ledger Nano S plus working wired. You can see and example of how the image is shifted.


    It does appear sometimes like this. Had anyone experienced similar issue? What is most funny (strange) that you can not see it all the time one day works fine - and another day like this. What do you suggest me to do? Wait until Ledger support service wake up? I have already contact them a week ago and no one is really willing to help.

    I have not purchased it from an official retailer because it is not possible to buy directly from Ledger - but an importer, per this: https://ledgernano.net/product/ledger-nano-s-plus/

    They are telling me لجر نانو اس پلاس that they have no choice othat than shipping it back to ledger for repair!! Which is not really good...

    I really do not wait for so long that they ship it back to France for replacement etc - and I prefer to have it repaired by myself. Any suggestion is appreciated.

    Do you think that I can simply open it and try to repair it myself???

  • لجر نانو اس پلاس

    Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S are designed and manufactured by the reputable company Ledger, in which very high security for holding private and public keys of digital currency is paramount. Ledger hardware wallets, including the NanoS Plus and NanoS models, are also used for digital currency transactions. Considering that these two models are very best-selling and practical, we will compare the two, and finally we will introduce the Ledger Nano S store and specialized agency.

    What are the differences between Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S?

    Although the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S are both cool wallets and must be connected to an external or external device to be used so that you can store coins or make transactions, there are some differences. The differences between the two hardware wallets play a decisive role in your decision to buy Ledger NanoS Plus and NanoS. We have dealt with this issue from different aspects.

    Appearance specifications of Ledger Nano S Plus:

    Both Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S hardware wallets are similar in appearance and have a similar appearance to a USB Flash with an aluminum cover. The appearance design in both products is acceptable and buyers have had good satisfaction. This design is such that you will not have trouble using it.

    How to install Nano S Plus:

    One of the problems that users have when using digital currency wallets, especially hardware, is the installation method. Fortunately, Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S have very similar steps and at the same time it is very simple. Just connect to the computer and follow the steps and instructions.

    Security level of Nano S Plus:

    Extremely high security is one of the most important features of Ledger products, including Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S. The methods used to ensure the security of these two products are:

    Secure Element:

    Secure Element is a feature used in Visa and MasterCard, and the security of both of these hardware wallets is guaranteed with technologies such as CC EAL5 + and ANSSI certification. Therefore, both of these products have the highest level and security factor among other hardware wallets.

    لجر نانو اس پلاس

    Biometric and physical certification:

    There is no biometric certification for these two products, but there is physical certification through cooperation with FIDO U2F, which is a type of two-factor authentication (2FA).

    کیف پول سخت افزاری

    Protection against tampering and sabotage:

    Both Ledger NanoS Plus and NanoS products have anti-tampering features so that only you have access to these wallets and there is no possibility of misuse. For both of these hardware wallets, you need a password to perform transactions, which is the 25th word of your own Recovery Seed. You also need a PIN code that you must enter when connecting to Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S wallets via USB cable. Therefore, in terms of security index, both of these wallets are at a very high level.

    Battery life and nano s plus bluetooth:

    Both Nano S Plus and Nano S products have no battery and Bluetooth, so they are no different. According to the technical specifications published by Ledger Company, Bluetooth and battery have not been considered for these two products.

    Ability to receive and send currency password:

    For both products, it is possible to send and receive currency or digital currency codes. To send and receive digital currency with these hardware wallets, you must verify the address, which is more difficult on the Ledger Nano S due to the smaller screen size. But the Ledger Nano S Plus is easier to work with because of its larger screen.

    It is possible to use these wallets simultaneously with Web-based wallets such as Metamsk, MyCrypto and MyEther. The digital currencies supported in these two wallets are very diverse, for example, Bitcoin, Atrium, Light Coin, Binance Cash, Tzus, Theron, Cardano, Monroe, Classic Atrium, etc., all of which are digital currencies. They are very famous and reputable.

    Resistance and ease of use:

    Both Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S hardware wallets have a design similar to flash drives, and on the other hand, because they do not have batteries, they weigh a little, which makes them very easy to transport. However, the Nano S Plus screen is larger and easier to work with when sending and receiving currency codes. The resolution of 128x64 pixels of Nano S Plus compared to 128x32 pixels of Nano S has improved the possibility of viewing information and their readability. On the other hand, Ledger Nano S Plus has a USB-C port, which you will not have the common problems of micro USBs when connecting, which is the same type of Nano S model.

    The stability and strength of both products are very high because they are made of durable materials with aluminum protection. Therefore, they are resistant to physical damage, except when they hit the ground from a high height or set foot on them.

    Number of Quinn Nano S Plus supported:

    Support for around 5,500 coins is a hallmark of both the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano S hardware wallets, which is why Ledger Nano S Plus sales are so high among hardware wallets. Supported coins include Bitcoin, Atrium, Ripple, Tetra, Classic Atrium, Dodge Coin, Cardano, Monroe, Viaquin and more.

    Nano s plus storage space:

    Ledger Nano S Plus storage space is about 1.5 MB while Ledger Nano S with 320 KB storage space

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