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    Hi, i have a strange problem...maybe

    I ordered a Ledger Nano S Plus on the Ledger website. All went well, i received a confirmation email with a message that they will confirm shipping soon.

    I paid extra for DHL Express Delivery in 3-5 days. After 3 days still no confirmation it had been shipped.

    This is when it got strange. I used the correct Ledger site to pay (i checked) i tried contacting support but they never replied. I used a link from their website to Twitter and tried to contact them there. I got through to someone who then asked me to connect my wallet then asked me for my Coinbase password. I refused and he told me there was nothing further he could do

    I supplied the order number, surely all they have to do is check that to see if it has been sent to DHL?

    Does this sound strange to anyone else?